e-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing also known as e-mailing is a powerful direct marketing tool that allows comunication with current and potential customers by sending e-mails. Its advantage is to allow users to split the database and implement strategies or specific messages to each division performed.

With e-mail marketing your company would haver a cheap way of comunications, quick and easy: With E-mail marketing you wold be able to:

  • Reduce costs of advertising allowing you quickly to gain efficiency and competitiveness. The visits to the website will be increased.
  • Share information between departments of your own company by increasing productivity and reducing comunications mistakes.
  • Tailoring your messages regarding communication needs and bussiness management needs. With this tool you can send and e-zine, news, offers of services, conduct surveys, make invitations to events, develop sales compaigns, etc. Allowing also tailor messages according to taget group based for example on customer attributes of your database, in their purchase history, or any other choice to define appropriate designing promotions for customers.
  • Making sends only to target receptors with contents that they are already interested in, ensuring the success of communications.
  • Measuring efectively the results of its communications, allowing you to continue with total accuracy and in real time the results of a campaing in its entirely.

Corporate Blog

Create a corporate blog is ment to be a way of permanent communication to display articles about products, services and news of your enterprise. That will give your customers and expert view and at the same time will make a social perception of your enterprise. You would be able to show your employees profiles or no firstly your customers comments.

LA blog main functionality is to interact with internet users through a flexible communication created by your employees and by some visitors who wish to suggest or comments certaims issues of your company.

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Logo Desing

We specialice in designing logos and brands, developing the brand image more suited to disclose the identify of your company. The same can be used in both printed material and in the web.