Having a website tranlated in to several languages will definetely open the doors to the international market. If you desire is to expand your business to the world its extremely important to provide portencial customers a web with contents in their own language. This will give your company and image of seriousness, quality and reliability, and will show respect for the users, as long as it will offer everyone a choice in his own language: English, French, Italian, German, ...

Mi Propia Arroba offers quality service which is not only the translation but the adaptation of the information to the mindset and feeling of each region, avoiding the generation of incomprehensible sites that will remove away the credibility of your site.

We approach the project as well, covering various aspects such us design and structures considering where to put the option to change languages, if you will be on home page or if you start at the native language anf then be offer other options, and organizing the directory to manage the content of the different versions to make them the most confortable and pratical.

We adapt the project to your needs and display different language versions depending on target audience (regional, national or international) and on profitability for your business.

Stage 1: Selection and translation of web page contents.

The budget of this section depends on the time needed for exploration and selection of each text, button, attachment, etc, ... to be translated. Also depends on the total number of words of your site.

* The regular price is 9 cents/word translated.

Stage 2: Implementation of translated contents.

It is done once we have all web contents translated and organize on the structure of the web. It will take time to remake each page of the website, organizing new web text and re-doing each image, menu, and others files (pdf, Powerpoint presentations) and Flash animations that have text and must have been translated.

* Price is based on the complexity of each project site, as not all sites are equally extensive.