Virtual Catalog

Ideal for companies with a wide range of products and services. For companies 100% customers oriented, who wish to attract customers and / or users showing its bets face on internet and advertising as usual way of communication with their customers.

In these websites is displayed mainly a list of products or services to be offered, ordered, by price or brand, and with searching by key phrases. So you can offer several services:

  • Allows you to display your products with big details in photos and features, providing you big savings in commercial costs.
  • Allows you zero cost in maintenance, since the page is ready to be updated quickly and easily from anywhere bussiness or home, wherever there is and internet conection.

The Virtual Catalog usually includes a public area and a private area:

Public Area


  • 1 page input / display dinamic or static.
  • 1 page offers or announcements.
  • 1 page of contact, location and forms.
  • 1 page of registration for new potencial customers.
  • Unlimited dynamic pages with description of your products with texts and photos.

Private Area


  • 1 page to access private area (administration).
  • 1 page to consult, modify, registrate or delete of potential custumers in the web.
  • 1 page to modify, enter or delete description, features or photos of the products located in the catalog.

* This project has no included the introduction of the articles in your catalog. This introduction will be made by the clients through the admin section we provide along the virtual catalog.